Faculty and Staff



Adjunct Faculty:

Aupperle, Dr. John - Lecturer of Theology
Andrae, Ms. Christina - Lecturer of Music
Ashley, Nicholas - Lecturer in Graduate Education 
Baum, Courtney - Lecturer in Graduate Education 
Beams, Clare - Lecturer of English
Boosel, Katrina - Lecturer of Theology
Buttaci, Jonathan - Lecturer of Philosophy
Capone, Ralph - Lecturer of Theology
Carlson, Marisa - Lecturer of English
Churilla, Lauren - Lecturer of History
Clark, Steve - Lecturer in Education 
Clawson, Dennis - Lecturer in Graduate Education 
Cottrill, Lara - Lecturer of Music
Delcoco-Fridley, Lea - Lecturer of English
DiBernardo, Jay - Lecturer of Modern and Classical Languages 
Downs, Leann - Lecturer in Graduate Education 
Fetkovih, George - Lecturer in Communication 
Fetter, Fetter - Lecturer in Communication
Foschia, Robert - Lecturer in Communication 
Frantz, Jeremy - Lecturer of Music
Fulks, Barry - Lecturer of History
Gosser, Richard - Lecturer of History
Honeygosky, Fr. Stephen - Lecturer of English
Katz, Joy - Lecturer of English
Kornides, Joanne - Lecturer in Psychological Science
Krall, Taundra- Lecturer in Education
Kratofil, Randall - Lecturer of Music
Lemberskaya-Khait, Sara - Lecturer of Music
Maloney, Lisa - Lecturer in Graduate Education
Materkowski, Joseph - Lecturer of Visual Arts
McIlvaine, Donald- Lecturer in Education
Merlino, Josie - Lecturer of Music
Minerd, Courtney Ryan - Lecturer in Psychological Science
Mohr, Eric - Lecturer of Philosophy
Montemurro, Larry - Lecturer in Psychological Science
Mullan, Margaret- Lecturer in Communication
Myers, Sean - Lecturer in Education
Nichols, C. Richard- Lecturer in Graduate Education
Niemiec, Mary- Lecturer in Psychological Science
Niemiec, Paul- Lecturer in Psychological Science
Palmer, Constance - Lecturer in Education
Pose, Dawn - Lecturer of Music
Reidmiller, Sandra- Lecturer in Education
Reyna, Juan-Pedro - Lecturer of Modern and Classical Languages
Reynolds, Wanda- Lecturer in Education
Rivas, Maria - Lecturer of Modern and Classical Languages
Rolin, Shane - Lecturer in Communication
Rullo, William- Lecturer in Graduate Education
Sams, Aaron- Lecturer in Education
Sanfilippo, Alvin- Lecturer in Education
Shearer, Tanya- Lecturer in Psychological Science
Sikora, - Fr. Thomas-More - Lecturer of Theology
Soltys, Lucinda - Lecturer in Graduate Education
Smith, Peggy - Lecturer of English
Spore, Mary Beth - Associate Professor of Education
Storer, Kevin - Lecturer of Theology
Stoner, Richard - Lecturer of Visual Arts
Tarasevich, Susan- Lecturer in Sociology
Taylor, James - Lecturer of Philosophy
Taylor, Brianna - Lecturer in Graduate Education
Thomas, Robert - Lecturer in Graduate Education
Volpatti, Richard - Lecturer in Education
Walters, Cheryl - Lecturer in Graduate Education
Washburn, Judith - Lecturer of Modern and Classical Languages
Witherspoon, Donna - Lecturer in Education  

Professors Emeritus:

Nolan, Fr. Justin - Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
Tranquilla, Ronald - Professor Emeritus of English 
Wissolik, Richard D. - Professor Emeritus of English


Brandt, Greggory - Artistic Director- Saint Vincent Theatre
Churilla, Ms. Lauren - Curator- McCarl Coverlet Gallery
Curtis, Fr. Bonaventure - Executive Director- Saint Vincent Theatre
Holmes, Ms. Ann - Director- Saint Vincent College Concert Series; Administrative Director- Saint Vincent Gallery
Kush, Ms. Marsha - Assistant to the Dean- School of Arts- Humanities and Social Sciences
Plummer, Mr. Christopher - Technical Director- Saint Vincent Theatre
Wissolik,Richard D. - Director of the Center for Northern Appalachian Studies