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Study Abroad

In today’s world, having an international perspective and cross-cultural understanding are crucial to your success as an individual and as a professional. Once thought of as educational enrichment, the international experience provided by study abroad is now viewed as desirable experience sought after by many employers and an essential part of the Saint Vincent College undergraduate experience.

A study abroad experience can give you the opportunity to participate in the life of another culture while also learning more about your own. Let the world be your classroom as you expand your world view, develop skills from a different learning environment, and become proficient in a foreign language. In addition to earning credits toward your degree, your experiences abroad will make you more independent and self-confident, enable you to become proficient in a foreign language, and provide you with the skills employers are seeking.

For a listing of programs offered at Saint Vincent, please contact Jody Marsh, Director of Global and Community Engagement, at 724-805-2064, or

Summer Programs

Students can earn credits towards core requirements, major requirements, language requirements, elective credits or complete an international internship. Program length varies from several weeks to the entire summer. For more information on these and other opportunities, please visit the Office of Global and Community Engagement located in Dale P. Latimer Library 108.


Students have the opportunity to participate in high-quality study abroad programs and access additional scholarships and/or discounts available to students only from affiliated institutions by participating in their programs. Click on the organization’s logo below for more information. 


Additional features include:

  • Excellent student services
  • Outstanding academic and culturally enriching experiences
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Experience delivering quality study abroad programs
  • Knowledgeable onsite staff to assist with orientation and cultural adjustment
  • Some offer group flight options

Students are not limited to participating in study abroad opportunities operated by these organizations. If you are interested in another program or location, please contact Jody Marsh, Director of Global and Community Engagement, at 724-805-2064, or