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Care Team


Faculty and staff at Saint Vincent College help create a supportive community that provides the education and services our students need to enjoy a successful college experience.  But for those times when students might need more than the day's teaching or information about campus services, the Saint Vincent CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) Team is ready to provide guidance.  The CARE Team meets regularly to review concerns and provide early intervention and support to students. 

Reach out

If you encounter a student showing any of the following behaviors,
please seek emergency assistance by calling 911, then notify Public Safety at 724-805-2911

  • Students posing an immediate threat to the health and safety of themselves or others
  • Students expressing extreme hostility
  • Paranoid/suspicious behavior or a student not in touch with reality

FERPA FACT: Open lines of communication with appropriate campus colleagues about pertinent student information have become increasingly important for the safety of students and the campus community.

Referring a Student to the Care Team

Community members are encouraged to report concerns about students to the CARE Team, and may do so by contacting the Dean of Students at 724-805-2567 or completing the Campus Safety Concern Reporting Form. Reasons to refer a student to the CARE Team include:

  • Behavior that disrupts the classroom or workplace
  • Repeated excuses for incomplete work or projects
  • Inappropriate or unusual emotional responses and reactions
  • Sudden drop in academic performance
  • High number of absences from class or work
  • Unusual change in mood or demeanor, including depressed attitude, crying, poor hygiene
  • Evidence of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Change in behavior toward classmates, professors, coworkers, roommates, others

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult the Students of Concern Full Guide found in MySV, which expands upon the information provided on this webpage.

CARE Team Members

The Dean of Students chairs the CARE Team. Members of the team include:

  • Dean of Students
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Retention
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Director of Student Conduct and Residence Life
  • Director of Academic Accommodations
  • Athletics Department Representative (Head Women's Basketball Coach)

If you would like to contact the CARE Team please email them at:

In addition to the CARE Team, a variety of resources on campus stand ready to help support SVC students, including:

  • Student Affairs – 724-805-2567
  • Campus Ministry – 724-805-2350
  • Wellness Center – 724-805-2115
  • Public Safety – 724-805-2311
  • Academic Affairs – 724-805-2062