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Academic Support and Resources

The transition from high school to college brings new demands and expectations. Our academic support team can help you define your academic goals and make a plan to reach them. You bring a distinct learning style with particular strengths and weaknesses. We can tailor strategies and techniques to help you succeed.

Let us connect you with tutors, writing assistants and peer mentors who can help you overcome any short-term obstacles and thrive. Tutors provide content tutoring in a variety of subject areas and help students find effective study strategies for specific academic programs. A peer writing tutor can help bring your writing up to college-level expectations and make making less of a chore and more of a learning tool. Some areas we can explore include: time management, and honing your reading, studying, test preparation and test-taking skills.

Be sure to read our Undergraduate Bulletin 2020-21 and Graduate Bulletin 2020-21.