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Career and Professional Development Center

The Career and Professional Development Center vision is to send each student into the professional world, giving them the strength and confidence to succeed. Without forming opinions or making assumptions, we will treasure each student, listening to their stories, opening our hearts, and sharing our genuine compassion.


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The Career and Professional Development Center mission is to support the academic and professional growth of each student and alumnus by offering services that assist in forming career goals, pursuing those goals, attaining practical experience, and then finding suitable employment or acceptance into graduate and professional school programs. The Center helps students transform their liberal arts foundation into practical skills and successful careers, while serving as an internal resource to students and faculty and as an external partner to employers, post-secondary institutions and the Latrobe community.

Hours: M - F 8:30 - 4:30, Evenings by Appointment Only
Location: Ground Floor, Robert S. Carey Center



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  • For Students


    The following information highlights the services, programs and resources offered by the Career and Professional Development Center for all Saint Vincent College students. To learn more about each, please visit the Saint Vincent College portal and make an appointment by finding your career consultant on Handshake or stopping by the office located in the Carey Center.

    One-One Appointments with a career consultant working with you on a variety of topics including: 

    • Career Exploration, Planning & Assessment Tools
      • What Can I Do With This Major
      • Assessment Instruments
    • Resumes & Cover Letters
    • Internship & Full-Time Job Search and Student Employment
      • Handshake
      • Big Interview/Mock Interview Program
    • Graduate & Professional School Application Process
    • Mock Interviews 
    • Negotiating a Job Offer or Salary 
    • Employer Presentations & On-Campus Interviewing
    • Employer and Alumni Networking and Recruiting Events

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    •  Career and Professional School Guides

      Our Career Guide and Graduate and Professional School Guides are located on the portal or you can pick one up in the Career Center during office hours. The Career Guide provides resume, cover letter, and employment letter examples. We also have included interview questions and over 70 pages of tips that will assist you with your professional internship and job search. The Graduate and Professional School Guide also offers tips on gaining admission, financial aid, writing essays, taking standardized tests and much more information that will guide you through your journey to an advanced degree.

    •  Career Exploration and Career Planning

      From choosing a major, to selecting the appropriate career path, the Career and Professional Development Center is here to help. In order to make appropriate decisions and to define your goals, you must first understand your interests, skills and abilities. This is the most important aspect of the career planning process. You must also understand your values and interests and how these will have an impact on your future as a professional. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, from self-reflection to a computer-based career assessment (including the MBTI and STRONG Interest Inventory), and conversations with a Center professional. Each of these are offered by the Career and Professional Development Center so you can use this information as a basis to learn more about specific majors or career areas that are a good fit for you. Also, check out the Career and Professional Development Center portal where you will find the Four-Year Career Plan, a step-by-step checklist that will assist you throughout each year of your academic career and help prepare you for your career plan after college.

    •  What Can I Do With This Major?

      Whether you are exploring multiple majors or searching for information about your chosen field, we will help you connect majors to careers, discover typical career areas and the types of employers that hire people with each major, and learn strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.

  • For Alumni

    How You Can Help

    Alumni of Saint Vincent College can assist in a variety of ways including:  

    • Assisting students who may want to learn more about your career by shadowing you on the job.
    • Agreeing to allow a student to conduct an information interview through email of by phone to learn more about your career field or company.
    • Hiring Saint Vincent College students through internships, part-time or full-time positions at your company or agency. Please visit the 'For Employers' section of the website to learn more about recruiting our students and posting company positions to our Handshake System.

    How We Can Help

    The Career and Professional Development Center offers career counseling for Alumni of Saint Vincent College. We speak with Alumni on a variety of topics including:  

    One-One Appointments with a Center Professional working with you on a variety of topics including:

    • Career Exploration or Career Changes
    • Assessment Instruments - Strong Interest Inventory or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (note: all assessments have a $20.00 fee for administration by a career professional).
    • Resumes, CVs & Cover letters
    • Full-Time Job Search
    • Graduate & Professional School Application Process
    • Mock Interviews
    • Negotiating a Job Offer or Salary
    • Employer Contacts & Networking Opportunities
    • Career Related Internet Resources

    Please note that we are most readily available to Alumni during summer and Christmas breaks when our current students are not on campus. In addition to our services, if you have continued your education elsewhere, you should also take advantage of the career services at those institutions, especially since they have provided your most recent instruction in the area in which you are likely seeking employment. Our first appointments begin with a phone conversation and appropriate follow-up as needed.

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  • For Employers

    Saint Vincent College takes pride in its talented pool of students with strong academic backgrounds, professionalism and outstanding practical experience in their field of study. The Career and Professional Development Center strives to provide you with candidates who meet your employment needs. Please click here for a list of all majors at Saint Vincent College. We will help you in making connections with our students and alumni.

    Hiring our Students 

    Join the ranks of more than 700 regional employers who are already enjoying the benefits of participating in Saint Vincent College's employment program. Thousands of Saint Vincent College students have interned or gained successful employment throughout our region, as well as nationally and internationally. We hope you will consider joining our team of employers who have helped our students and alumni to become outstanding, professional employees. To include your company in our job and internship platform, be sure to check out Handshake at If your company is already posting positions using Handshake be sure to connect with Saint Vincent College.

    Posting a Position & Recruiting On-Campus

    To post a part-time, internship or full-time position visit:

    If you have any questions about recruiting on-campus or posting a position, please contact Courtney Baum, Career and Professional Development Center Director, at 724-805-2253 or by email at

    To Post a Position:
    1.  Visit to post an internship, part-time or full-time opportunity. If your company is already in Handshake, be sure to connect with Saint Vincent College to post positions with our institution.
    2. Advertise your current internship, part-time or full-time and internship opportunities in Handshake in order to receive resumes of qualified applicants. Students can apply directly to your position through the Handshake database. Be sure to provide contact information and instructions for the application process. 
    To Recruit On-Campus:
    1. Register with Handshake
    2. Select your candidates and create your own schedule through Handshake.
    3. Interview undergraduates, seniors and/or graduates on campus at Saint Vincent College for you current or anticipated position. We will accommodate your schedule and provide a private, confidential environment in which you can conduct your interviews.
    4. For those employers who are not local, we encourage you to utilize our office to organize phone, Skype or face-time interviews.
  • For Parents

    Tips for your Student's Career Success

    •  Encourage Your Student to Visit the Career and Professional Development Center

      The Career and Professional Development Center offers the following services and resources:

      • Career Exploration, Planning & Assessment Tools 
      • Work-Study Program & Payroll
      • Resumes & Cover Letters
      • Internship & Full-Time Job Search
      • Graduate & Professional School Application Process
      • Mock Interviews
      • Negotiating a Job Offer or Salary
      • Employer Contacts & Networking Opportunities
      • Employer Presentations & On-Campus Recruiting
      • On-Campus Workshops & Events
      • Off-Campus Workshops, Events & Job Fairs
      • Career Related Internet Resources
    •  Encourage Career Exploration

      Saint Vincent College Career and Professional Development Center professionals administer and interpret assessment tools to help your student identify his/her values, interests and skills. The Strong Interest Inventory allows students to explore major and career options by assessing his/her interests and helps your student understand how his/her interests may fit with specific major and career choices. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a tool used to identify a student’s personality type. Through ‘type’, a student can learn how best his/ her personality fits with specific majors, careers and future employing organizations.

    •  Promote Internship Experiences

      Internships are valuable to your student’s overall college career. At Saint Vincent College students can receive credit for an internship, while gaining marketable skills for a future career in his/her field of interest. Internships can also be used to help students explore various career fields. Through an internship, a student may recognize his/her passion for a certain field or even learn that the intended area of interest may not be a good fit. Either way, practical experience will bring your student one step closer to meeting his/her career goals and landing that perfect job after graduation. Please remember to keep the following tips in mind when discussing internships with your student:

      • Anyone can gain internship experience.
      • All students can obtain credit if approved by his/her faculty advisors.
      • It is not required for all students to take an internship for credit, but credit is highly encouraged.
      • Internships usually take place during the summer break, but are also available during the fall and spring semesters.
      • Many companies and organizations hire students for internship opportunities.
      • Many students get paid to do internships.
      • Employers often times hire interns for full-time employment after graduation.
      • When hiring entry-level employees, employers seek excellent communication, decision-making, problem solving and analytical skills, along with leadership and teamwork experience. These skills can be acquired through internships.
    •  Encourage Your Student to Research the Career/Field of Interest

      Research is the best way for a student to learn about a specific company, career or major area of study. Students can gather information from faculty, alumni, and current students already majoring in your student’s intended major. In addition to shadowing an employer or ‘network’, your student should take the time to read literature and organize an informational interview with someone in his/her network.

    •  Encourage Campus Involvement

      Campus involvement can enrich your student’s college experience in a variety of ways. Campus activities are a perfect way for your student to meet new people, get involved, and have fun in a healthy and safe environment. Saint Vincent college has more than 60 campus organizations. Becoming involved on campus will also allow your student to develop leadership, organizational, administrative, teamwork, and oral and written communication skills.

    •  Encourage Networking

      Introduce your student to people who have the career and are employed at places that may be of interest to him/her. Suggest your son or daughter contact those individuals in your personal or professional networks as well as his or her own positions. Encourage your student to “shadow” someone in the workplace to increase awareness in his/her intended career field. Students should remain in contact with ‘networks’ that have had an impact on his/her life, throughout the high school years, as well as during the four years at Saint Vincent College. These networks can provide your student with information about the company or available part-time or internship opportunities.

    •  Help Your Student Identify Skills

      It is important to encourage and support each student by discussing your student’s strengths & skills. Often times, students are not aware of the strengths and skills they possess. Allowing your student to focus on his/her strengths and skills will encourage confidence and maturity and, most importantly, self-awareness. Each of these qualities will offer students the necessary skills to assure a smooth transition to college. These qualities also assist students in the internship and job search. Each employer requires a specific set of skills from each individual job-seeker. The good news is that most job-seekers possess these skills to some extent. The better news is that job-seekers with weaknesses in these areas can improve their skills through training, professional development, or mentoring from someone who understands these skills. The best news is that once your student understands the skills and characteristics that are necessary for the ‘real world’, he/she can tailor the major and career-decision-making process to showcase how well the strengths and skills align with each employer’s expectations and requirements.

    •  Help Your Student Identify Values

      Values are a set of standards that determine choices, actions and attitudes. Understanding values will help students focus on career objectives that are important to them. Values are not right or wrong, but without them students will have a more difficult time reaching his/her goals. It is important to encourage your student to only choose values that define him / her and not someone else. Values will allow students to gain a better understanding of what academic major is most suitable. Also it will give your student the opportunity to begin exploring internships and careers that connect with the types of people and working environments that are most consistent with his/her values. 

    •  Help Your Student Identify Interests

      It is especially important for students to know his/her interest in order to make appropriate academic and career-related decisions. No matter what an individual pursues he/she will want to incorporate passions and interests into some aspect of everyday life. Whether your student gets to use his/her interest in a career or as relaxation, it will be important to the overall quality and satisfaction of his/her life and the lives of family and friends.

    •  Allow Your Student to Make the Decisions

      As a Parent or Guardian, you will want to be involved in your student’s major and career decision. Listen carefully. Be patient. Be understanding. Be respectful. There might be times you do not agree with your student’s decision. It is okay to provide suggestions about majors and career fields, but let your student be the ultimate judge of what is best. Remember making this decision can be very stressful for your student. He/she will be doing the work, and with the right attitude and proper training and guidance, your student can be successful in any major or career.

  • Staff

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