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Pre-College Program

Pre-College Program

  • Special Program

Taking advantage of the Pre-College program will not only help in the transition to college, but it will also create flexibility in the student’s college experience. Many students who take courses in the pre-college program are able to explore more coursework in college, earn a double major, or even take fewer credits during a challenging college semester.

Pre-College students will earn college credit that will directly apply toward degree requirements should they decide to attend Saint Vincent. Those planning to attend other colleges will be able to request a transcript from the Registrar (at the cost of $5.00) and transfer the courses to the college of their choice. If a student plans to transfer the credit, it is their responsibility to check with the other institution on how the credits will be received and accepted. While we do expect that these credits will transfer to other colleges, Saint Vincent College does not guarantee that all colleges will accept these credits.

Student eligibility requirements for the Pre-College Program include:

  1. High school junior or senior.
  2. Satisfactory progress toward fulfilling applicable secondary school graduation requirements, as determined by the school district. Students must meet all guidelines required by their school district to be eligible.
  3. Authorization from their guidance counselor, including permission from the school district to leave campus for class where applicable.

What Can I Do With Pre-College Program

The Pre-College Program at Saint Vincent College is designed for current juniors and seniors in local high schools who want to experience the college atmosphere, advance their current high school coursework in preparation for college, and do so at half the price of a typical undergraduate course.

Admissions Information

  • How to Apply

    If you would like to apply for the Pre-College Program, please follow the steps below:

    1. Complete the Pre-College Application.

    2. Submit the application and have your guidance counselor submit a letter or email stating you are in good academic standing and are authorized to take college courses. It is strongly suggested the guidance counselor help you select appropriate courses.

    3. Send your completed application and letter to the attention of:

    Graduate and Continuing Education Office
    300 Fraser Purchase Road
    Latrobe, PA 15650

    Students who are accepted to the Pre-College Program can choose from any approved pre-college course with the authorization of their guidance counselor.


    While attending Saint Vincent College as a Pre-college student, you will register with the office of Graduate and Continuing Education. You may contact the office at 724-805-2933 or If your high school offers reimbursement, please ask your counselor which courses will meet their requirements for reimbursement. Students will be registered on a first come, first serve basis. Many of our classes do reach their full capacity; therefore, interested students should register early.
  • Tuition and Fees


    Pre-College students receive a 50% discount on the regular undergraduate tuition rate.

    Pre-College Reimbursement Program

    Students who are attending high schools that offer reimbursement for Pre-College courses will be required to pay all tuition fees upfront. If a student’s high school does not submit payment by the payment deadline, the student will be required to pay for his or her courses until school payment is received. Students are responsible for inquiring with their high school to find out whether tuition reimbursement is available and if so, how much and how it will be distributed. If a student pays the tuition fees and the account is later paid in full by the student’s high school, a refund check will then be issued to the student. For those students whose high school does not offer tuition reimbursement, Saint Vincent College offers several payment plan options. This program is also available to high school students during Saint Vincent’s summer session. For more information on payment plans or billing procedures, please contact the Business Office at 724-805-2577.