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Winter Sessions

saint vincent campus in winter time

2023-24 Winter Session at Saint Vincent

Are you looking to make up credits? Take additional courses for a major or minor? During the Saint Vincent College winter break, online undergraduate classes will be offered from Dec. 18, 2023 - Jan. 12, 2024.

These 3-credit courses are open to both SVC and non-SVC students and registration is now open. The cost for the winter session is $585/credit.

For current SVC students: Please register using the Self-Service feature in the MySV portal.

For non-SVC students: To register for a winter course or inquire about credit transfers to your institution, please contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education at or 724-805-2933. 


  • Winter Session Financial Aid Questions

    Can I be considered a full-time student for the spring if I am half-time during the winter session and half-time during the spring session?

    No. In order to receive institutional aid (grants and scholarships) for the spring semester, you must be full-time during the spring semester.

    Is the winter session a stand-alone term for financial aid eligibility?

    No. For financial aid purposes, the winter session is not considered a stand-alone term. However, the Financial Aid Office will adjust your cost of attendance for spring to include winter session enrollment costs. Any courses taken during this session will be combined with spring registration to determine federal financial aid eligibility. PA PHEAA grants will be based on spring registration only.

    Is financial aid available for the winter session?

    Only currently matriculated SVC students may be eligible for financial aid for the winter session. Federal financial aid eligibility is based upon the combined winter and spring registration. There is no state or institutional financial aid available for the winter session. Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid.

    How do I apply for federal aid for the winter session?

    You must have a current year FAFSA on file to be eligible for federal aid. It is likely that your federal financial aid is already packaged for full-time enrollment. However, if you or your parent will be seeking additional loan funding for the winter session costs, you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office

    Will my spring financial aid awards pay for my winter session courses?

    Your spring financial aid may cover costs for both winter and spring. If your award is not enough to cover both terms, you will see a balance that remains on both the winter and spring terms. Keep in mind, additional charges for the winter session will reduce any anticipated refunds.

    My financial aid is packaged at full-time for the spring semester. How can I cover the cost for winter registration?

    If you’ve already been awarded a full-time package based upon your grade level and dependency status, adding winter registration will not increase your Pell or Direct Student Loan eligibility. Federal Direct PLUS loans, private loans or an adjustment to the payment plan may be options to help you cover your expenses.

    When are my loans going to disburse and refund if I take classes during the winter session?

    Financial aid funds will disburse to the student’s account on or after the spring disbursement date. If there is a credit on the account, refunds will be done after the spring add/drop period.

    Can my PLUS loan be increased to cover my winter session expenses?

    We will not automatically increase your PLUS loan if you add winter registration. Your current spring aid including any PLUS loans you are receiving will apply toward both your winter and spring charges. An increase to a PLUS or private loan is possible with an additional application from the borrower.

    Can I use my Federal Work-Study funding to work hours during winter session?

    Students awarded with Federal Work-Study for the academic year will be permitted to work during the winter session providing the employer is able to accommodate the student during this period.

    Will satisfactory academic progress status be reviewed at the completion of the winter session?

    SAP will be reviewed at the conclusion of the spring semester. Prior to adding or resigning any courses, contact your academic advisor and our office.

Contact Us

For more information about Summer Sessions, please contact the office of Graduate and Continuing Education Administration at or 724-805-2933.