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Journey Forward

The Journey Forward Connection Groupgathering of alumni

Recent formation of “The Journey Forward Connection Group” is the beginning of an amazing new chapter at Saint Vincent College!  In many ways, it is also the beginning of a new season of life for its participants as well.  Our mission is to bring together and steward a special group of people whose deceased spouses were graduates of Saint Vincent.  They now have the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce with old friends and socialize with new ones.  Most importantly, they are in a comfortable, friendly setting where they are able to share common bonds.  Our first few gatherings have brought together a wonderful group of people who now look forward to seeing each other.  We have shared meals, viewed a Planetarium Show, and taken in a Summer Theatre matinee.  Our most beloved event has been an All Souls Mass, where spouses are remembered during a special candle-lighting ceremony. 

desserts served at gathering of alumni

The Journey Forward Connection Group has created a path for participants to attend social events without their spouse and still be at ease. Those whom we have been privileged to spend time with on these occasions are embraced as part of our Saint Vincent family. 

If you are the spouse of a deceased Saint Vincent alumnus and are interested in joining us, we can only tell you what others in your situation have said: “The Connection Group is such a blessing.  I am so glad I decided to come!”

Consider joining us for our next event!  If, for any reason you are not receiving invitations, please contact us.  We are always looking forward to our next gathering of old and new friends!  Check your mailbox about 6 weeks before each event for your invitation.