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Fred Rogers Scholars Program

  • Special Program

The Fred Rogers Scholars Program educates and inspires students interested in pursuing careers or graduate work to help young children become confident, competent and caring human beings in keeping with the mission of the Fred Rogers Institute.

In addition to Saint Vincent College's merit-based scholarships, each Fred Rogers Scholar receives an additional $2,500 per year and a myriad of opportunities to network with scholars and industry leaders in early learning and children's media. The scholarships will be in addition to Saint Vincent's generous awards, which range up to $27,000 per year depending on academic record and test scores.

The 2019-2020 class of scholars includes (pictured to the right):

Julia Sarnowski
Courtney Rodick
James Michael Mallozzi
Thomas Sanchez
Myrissa Donaldson

Fred Rogers Scholars 2019-20

Scholarships will be renewed annually, based on students maintaining high academic standards and actively participating in the program.

Program Highlights

  • About Fred Rogers Scholars Program

    Fred Rogers Scholars Program
    Students from any major are encouraged to apply –you do not need to plan to pursue a child-focused career. The Fred Rogers Scholars Program encourages interdisciplinary work toward the continued advancement of the legacy and philosophy of Fred Rogers. Students have found meaning in engaging with Fred Rogers’ philosophy on music, human development, medicine, business marketing, and other fields. The possibilities are endless!

    Opportunities for Students
    Coordinated by faculty and staff at the Fred Rogers Institute, FRS students will study within the Fred Rogers Archive and contribute to Institute-driven initiatives that support children’s helpers around the world. FRS students will have opportunities to engage with scholars, professionals, and leaders within child and youth development, children’s media, music, children’s health, and more.

    Program Expectations
    FRS students are expected to work collaboratively to understand and extend the philosophy of Fred Rogers through research and service to others. Students should be interested in working to support children and their helpers to become competent, confident, and caring human beings across a variety of diverse settings.

Admissions Information

  • How to Apply

    The Fall 2022 application is now closed.

    Qualified Applicants
    High school seniors, with a 3.50 QPA, applying to and/or admitted to Saint Vincent College will have various career and graduate school goals, with a strong interest in early learning and children's media, and an interest in the work of Fred Rogers. Participation from students across all majors is strongly encouraged. A quick glance at the four-year program includes:

    Application Process
    Interested candidates should first submit an application to Saint Vincent College Admissions Department.

    Application Form
    Admission into the Fred Rogers Scholars program, which is part of the Saint Vincent Honors Community, is now closed for Fall 2022.

    For more information, contact the Director of the Fred Rogers Scholars:
    Dana Winters, Ph.D., The Rita McGinley Endowed Executive Director of the Fred Rogers Institute
    Faculty, School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Previous Scholars

  • Previous Scholars

    Sydney Ball, Biology
    Cory Holland, Early Childhood Education
    Elizabeth (Lilly) McCormick, Communication
    Gwendolyn Murray, Psychology/Sociology

    Melissa Koshute, Marketing
    Casey Kalp, Biology
    Marisa Maicke, Early Childhood Education
    Sarah O’Callaghan, Early Childhood Education
    Faith Brake, Psychology

    Carly Rimel, Spanish Education
    Sydney Schoff, Communication
    Kyle Ward, Psychology
    Michaela Yonto, Psychology

    Lauren Campbell, Biology 
    Joshua Centore, Bio-Chemistry
    Jennifer Hasseleu, Bio-Chemistry
    Noah Keys, History/Political Science
    Marla Turk, Finance/Economics/Math

    Adam Burgh, Education-History
    Alaina D'Aloiso, Special Ed
    Katrina (Katie) Nemchik, Computing and Information Science
    Maura Snyder, Psychology
    Hailey Umbaugh, Psychology

    Julianne Bartko,  Communication
    Vincent Centore, Bio-Chemistry
    Lauren Harbaugh, Bio-Chemistry
    Joni Mulvaney, Art Education
    Helena Shoplik, Psychology 

Fred Rogers Institute


Staying true to the vision of Fred Rogers, the mission of the Fred Rogers Institute is to help children become confident, competent and caring. The Institute’s work carries forward three themes that were central to Fred’s life and career — growing on the inside, learning through relationships and giving meaning to technology. The Rogers Institute enriches the development of current and emerging leaders in the fields of early learning and children’s media by supporting the professional advancement and mentoring of the next generations of Fred Rogers through the Early Career Fellows program; educational opportunities for undergraduate Fred Rogers Scholars; research and special collaborations by Rogers Institute Senior Fellows; and resources and information on the developmentally appropriate use of media.

Established in 2003 to carry forward Fred Rogers’ important legacy, the Institute is the official home of the Fred Rogers Archive as well as a straightforward, understanding and compassionate voice for the healthy social and emotional development of children birth to age 8. As an advocate for the positive potential of technology to support children, families, educators and caregivers, the Rogers Institute enjoys many collaborative relationships with educational institutions, research centers and community organizations. For more information about the Fred Rogers Institute at Saint Vincent College, please visit