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International Business

International Business

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Minor

International Business majors in the McKenna School receive a comprehensive education in international business management. The program offers hands-on experience assisting firms with global marketing plans and export needs, as well as develops a high degree of proficiency in at least one foreign language. Students will graduate with the requisite intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills to ethically address complex real-world problems. Curriculum strengths include:

  • Students take a variety of courses specific to international business, including global marketing, international trade, international finance, global management, international business, international law, and international accounting.
  • All International Business students receive training to pass the NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional exam.
  • All International Business students are required to complete a minor. Most graduate with a minor in Operational Excellence, through which they receive training towards Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
  • The McKenna School trains students to become SAP Business One certified. SAP’s comprehensive business software is used by thousands of prominent world-class companies such as Kennametal Inc., Heinz Corporation, KPMG, Latrobe Specialty Steel Co. and Siemens.
  • The McKenna School encourages practical work experience in international development, manufacturing, program administration, customer service, and research.

What Can I Do With a Degree in International Business?

All McKenna School International Business majors complete a minor in a complementary field. Depending on the minor chosen, International Business majors are trained for jobs in foreign exchange trading and analysis, global marketing careers, export-import operations, export compliance, and operational excellence. Many International Business majors also join the McKenna School’s unique SAP program, which trains students to become SAP Business One certified. This training leads to excellent careers with global and international companies who rely on SAP’s business software suite, such as Kennametal Inc., Heinz Corporation, KPMG, Latrobe Specialty Steel Co. and Siemens.

Curriculum Requirements

  • Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business

    Business Core (45 credits)
    BA 100* Financial Accounting I (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 170 Organizational Behavior (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 220 Principles of Marketing (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 265 Management Information Systems (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 305 Business Ethics (junior year preferred) - 3 credits
    BA 320 Corporate Finance I (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 340 Business Law (junior year) - 3 credits
    BA 350 Statistics I and BA 350A Excel Lab (sophomore year) - 4 credits
    BA 351 Statistics II and BA 351A Excel Lab - 4 credits
       or EC 360 Econometrics (sophomore year) - 3 credits
    BA 495 Business Policy and Strategy (senior year) - 3 credits
    EC 101 Principles of Microeconomics (freshman year) - 3 credits
    EC 102 Principles of Macroeconomics (freshman year) - 3 credits
    PS 100* Principles of American Politics - 3 credits
    MA 109/111* Calculus I (freshman year) - 4 credits
    BA 00P ePortfolio Requirement - 0 credit

    * Satisfies core curriculum requirements in social sciences and mathematics.

    International Business requirements (32-38 credits plus credits for required minor)
    BA 150 Managerial Accounting (freshman year) - 3 credits
    BA 250 Global Business Management - 3 credits
    BA 353/EC 353 International Finance - 3 credits
    BA 395 Global Marketing - 3 credits
    Modern Language:
    Two courses beyond the intermediate level or two classes of a second language - 6 credits
    Choose 2 of the following courses:
    PS 242 International Politics - 3 credits
    PS 343 Comparative Politics - 3 credits
    PS 375 International Law - 3 credits
    BA 251 International Business - 3 credits
    BA 525 Global Experience OE Around the World (2 credit class)
    EC 351 International Trade - 3 credits

  • Requirements for a Minor in International Business

    Minor requirement:
    International Business majors must complete a minor in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operational Excellence, Politics or Economics. The minor will enhance and define the student's job prospects.

    Note: Majors are encouraged, but not required to study abroad for one semester. Depending on the minor chosen, the total required for the Business Administration International Business major is 75-81, leaving one credit for an elective.

    Minor in International Business (18 credits)
    BA 102 Survey of Accounting (non-business majors only)
    BA 100 Financial Accounting I and Managerial Accounting or BA 101 Financial Accounting II - 3-6 credits
    EC 101 Principles of Microeconomics - 3 credits
    EC 102 Principles of Macroeconomics - 3 credits
    BA 250 Global Management - 3 credits
    BA/EC 353 International Finance - 3 credits
    BA 395 Global Marketing - 3 credits

    If you are a finance, marketing, management or economics major, you must also take one of the following:
    BA 251 International Business - 3 credits
    EC 351 International Trade (economics majors must choose different course) - 3 credits
    PS 242 International Politics - 3 credits
    PS 343 Comparative Politics - 3 credits
    PS 375 International Law - 3 credits

Job Placements and Careers

  • Job Placements and Internships

    Our students have secured jobs and internships in several areas of international business and related fields. Some include:

    Attivo Group (SAP B1)
    Carpenter Technology
    Celeritech (SAP B1)
    Center for Global Competitiveness
    Citibank in Honduras
    Classic Industries (OE)
    Consolidated Electrical Distributors
    DAX Resources
    Electro-Glass Products
    Federated Hermes
    Klingensmith Healthcare
    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
    Naval District Washington
    Pacific Trade International
    PNC Bank
    The German Marshall Fund
    Thermo Fisher Scientific
    Third Wave Business Systems (SAP B1)
    World Financial Group
  • Careers

    There are many career options in international business including:

    Account Representative
    Associate Engineer in Operations
    Benefits Services Specialist
    Bilingual Account Sales Associate
    Consultant in Financial Services
    Continuous Improvement Specialist
    Currency Trader
    Customer Success Consultant
    Export Compliance Officer
    Internal Sales
    International Customer Associate
    Marketing Coordinator
    Product Development Coordinator
    Research Services Sales Development
    Sales Lead Specialist
    Treasure Management


The McKenna School of Business has seven undergraduate programs and one graduate program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). They are: Accounting, Business Education Information Technology, Business Economics, Finance, International Business, Economics, Management, Marketing and the Master of Science in Management: Operational Excellence graduate program. Three programs in Business Data Analytics (launched Fall 2020), Sports Management (launched Fall 2021) and Business Administration (launched Fall 2021) are in candidacy for accreditation. ACBSP Accreditation

With a requirement for faculty professional development (e.g., publications and research) and courses primarily taught by faculty holding doctorates, the ACBSP is the leading business accreditation program devoted to teaching excellence and service to students. Attributable to our ACBSP accreditation, students receive in depth knowledge in 12 business core competency areas: Accounting, Management, Business Ethics, Marketing, Information Systems, Business Finance, the Legal Environment of Business, Statistics, Business Policies, Economics, Quantitative Skills and Global Dimensions in Business. 

The McKenna School is also a member of the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration. The Politics and Criminal Justice programs are not accredited through the ACBSP; however, all programs in the McKenna School have regional accreditation through the Middle States Association. The ACBSP is one of the two premier accrediting agencies for business schools worldwide.

Distinctive Features of the McKenna School International Business Major

The McKenna business seniors score exceptionally well on the ETS national undergraduate business field test. Out of 496 accredited (i.e., ACBSP and AACSB) business schools, we ranked overall in the top 19.8% of the nation in 2018. For International Issues, the McKenna School scored in the top 15.6% of the nation in 2018.

Depending on career aspirations, international business students also concentrate their studies in either finance, accounting, marketing, politics, economics or operational excellence. Students typically develop proficiency in at least one of the primary business languages, Spanish and/or Chinese.

The International Business programs has a 100% job placement rate based on a 100% response rate from 2013 to 2018 with median starting salaries over $50,000 the last four years.

McKenna students study worldwide, e.g., recent placements include Australia, Belfast, Dublin, Berlin, Greece, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Rome, Spain, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Mexico, Greece, Australia, and more. Numerous study-abroad opportunities have included internships with large multinational corporations. Other travel opportunities include the McKenna School’s annual academic “OE around the World Trip” and service trips with campus ministry to Taiwan, PR China, Guatemala, and Brazil.

Personal Statements/Testimonies


Christian Kalhöefer, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance

Ms. Martha Fusco
Instructor, Business Administration 

Mr. James Kunkel
Executive Director of the Small Busineess Development Center 

Gary Quinlivan, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics 

Mr. Michael Arabia

Mr. Michael Barron

Mr. Joshua Miller