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Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour” set to showcase Saint Vincent College in upcoming season

Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour” set to showcase Saint Vincent College in upcoming season

Emmy-nominated producer Alex Boylan spotlights the unique experience of Saint Vincent College students in the SVC-themed episode, slated to air during the show’s 10th season.

by Public Relations | September 06, 2023

075-The-College-Tour-Group-Photo.jpgLATROBE, PA—“The College Tour,” an Amazon Prime original series that showcases select colleges and universities throughout the nation, will feature Saint Vincent College in its upcoming 10th season, offering an intimate view of the institution. The show spent the entire first week of classes filming on the College’s campus. 

The College Tour has garnered acclaim for its distinctive approach, showcasing individual colleges and universities through the authentic perspectives of current students at those institutions. This show is hosted by Alex Boylan, an Emmy-nominated producer who won CBS's second season of “The Amazing Race.” Boylan's inspiration for the series was personal, driven by witnessing his nieces' challenges in navigating the college search process, constrained by financial considerations. This was the catalyst behind his decision that higher education needed its own television series. “The College Tour” has now surpassed over 100 episodes and enables viewers to virtually tour campuses they might otherwise not have gotten the opportunity to explore.

In the upcoming season, Saint Vincent College takes center stage, with 10 students and alumni sharing their individual stories as Bearcats. This 30-minute episode is set to offer an authentic glimpse into life at Saint Vincent College.


Alex Boylan, reflecting on the filming process at Saint Vincent College, shared his enthusiasm. "We had an amazing time on campus filming this episode of ‘The College Tour.’,” he explained. “This is a special place where students can thrive academically, grow spiritually and build lifelong friendships. The campus is gorgeous, with rolling hills and stunning views of the Laurel Highlands. The people are warm and welcoming, and I felt immediately at home the second I arrived."

David Rahaman, a senior English education major of West Orange, NJ, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to represent Saint Vincent College. "SVC has been an extension of home and has helped shape me into the person I am today,” he explained. “This has been such a privilege, and I’m extremely grateful that I was able to help represent my college."

Leading the on-campus filming was Liz Palmer, Saint Vincent College's Social Media & Digital Content Manager. She noted the excitement and dedication displayed by the students during filming, emphasizing the profound impact their stories will have on prospective college students seeking their ideal educational home. “I was so impressed with our students throughout this whole process—whether they were directly involved in filming or not,” Palmer expressed. “The passion they have for Saint Vincent was palpable, and I’m so excited that they get to share that passion with potential future Bearcats.”


Senior Dom Oto, theology major of North Versailles and another of the episode's participants, shared his perspective. "Being a part of ‘The College Tour’ has shown me that I have a story to tell, a story that I hope will one day inspire another student like me to choose SVC."

"The students here are incredible,” Boylan remarked. “If you are a student looking for a challenging academic experience in a supportive and nurturing environment, then you must come visit Saint Vincent College."

Saint Vincent College's episode of The College Tour, which will be the last episode of the 10th season, is scheduled for a winter release on Amazon Prime Video. The episode will feature the following students: Diana Mosten, junior International Business major of Harrisburg; Isaiah McElroy, C'23, former communication major of Hagerstown, MD; Rachel Andreola, senior mathematics major of Pittsburgh; David Collins, a senior English major of Oakmont; Marta Trembetska, sophomore marketing major of Lviv, Ukraine; Desonio Powell, C'23, former communication major of Greensburg; Elizabeth Dacanay, sophomore biochemistry major of Beaver; Stacie Ramos, junior marketing and digital art and media double major of Chula Vista, CA; Rahaman; and Oto. 




PHOTO 1: Group photo of Saint Vincent community members featured in “The College Tour”:

Back Row – David Collins, Marta Trembetska, Desonio Powell, Diana Mosten

Middle Row – David Rahaman, Dom Oto

Front Row – Rachel Andreola, Liz Palmer, Stacie Ramos, Elizabeth Dacanay

PHOTO 2: Alex Boylan films his standup at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve

PHOTO 3: David Rahaman

PHOTO 4: Stacie Ramos