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SVC to offer seven new business certificates

by Public Relations | December 11, 2023

 LATROBE, PA—In fall 2024, Saint Vincent College will offer seven new certificate programs in the Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government. Each certificate will be available to both current students at the College and continuing education non-degree seeking learnings that would like additional credentials. New programs include entrepreneurial success, hospitality, nonprofit studies, organizational leadership, project management, SAP university alliance and supply chain.

The new certificates will expand the programs already provided at SVC while filling a growing need to help individuals that are emerging in new careers. “These seven new certificate programs are designed to prepare learners for the real world,” explained Dr. Michael Urick, dean of the McKenna School. “They’re all comprised of only three or four courses that cover quite a bit of material so that students can easily schedule them into their semester.”

The courses offered within each certificate will provide learners a more practical focus to build real-world skills, building on classes in their majors to prepare students for work in their fields. The McKenna School is excited to teach the courses attached to each of these certificates, ready to educate their students in ways in which they were previously unable.

“Because the coursework is so practical,” Urick remarked, “these certificates will also be useful for learners beyond those that seek a full college degree. We hope to welcome members of the regional community to take these courses. Regardless of their reasons for enrolling in a certificate, all are welcome to study with us.”


About the New Business Certificates

The entrepreneurial success certificate is designed to help aspiring business owners gain the practical knowledge and skills necessary to successfully open and sustain their own business. Students work with entrepreneurship experts, many of whom are business owners themselves, to gain a better understanding of how to find success of their own. Courses like “From Business Canvas to Business Plan” help students in growing their future businesses through practical means.

The hospitality certificate is designed with the Benedictine Hallmark of the same name in mind. It enables its participants to learn about the hospitality industry—tourism, hotels, recreation and service-oriented businesses— through a Benedictine lens. Students will gain a thorough understanding of hospitality and its application to the business field through courses like “Benedictine Hospitality in Business and Hospitality Industry Insights.”

The nonprofit studies certificate enables students to learn the nuances of working for and running nonprofit organizations such as charities, arts organizations, government agencies and religious organizations among others. Through courses like “Nonprofit Management and Nonprofit and Social Marketing,” students gain exposure and knowledge about managing these types of organizations.

The organizational leadership certificate teaches students how to lead in real-world scenarios, regardless of title. Students will learn theories of leadership and how they shape real-life decision-making. Courses like “Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Business Ethics” help students become more effective leaders.

The project management certificate will help students understand both basic and new perspectives, like agile project management. Students will learn the skills needed for future certification. Courses like “Negotiation and Project Management” provide valuable knowledge for this growing career path.

The SAP university alliance certificate is associated with and recognized by SAP, one of the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Students will participate in practical courses like “Management Information Systems” and “Supply Chain Simulation” that teach both general ERP knowledge and dedicated SAP Business One skills for their future careers.

The supply chain certificate will teach students about the importance of logistics, purchasing, operating and communicating within the broader supply chain of organizations. Participants will partake in simulations and practical exercises that expose them to real-world scenarios.

For more information about these certificates and their coursework, email Dr. Urick at


-Madison Kozera, English major, of Abingdon, MD