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The European Journal of Physics accepts latest work by SVC emeritus professor

The European Journal of Physics accepts latest work by SVC emeritus professor

by Public Relations | January 15, 2024

LATROBE, PA — The European Journal of Physics has accepted the latest scholarly work of Dr. Anis Maize, Emeritus Professor of Physics, entitled Comment on “The Polarizability of a Confined Atomic System: An Application of the Dalgarno-Lewis Method.”

Dr. Maize and his co-author, Dr. John Smetanka, provost and dean of the faculty at Notre Dame College, clarify the mathematical derivation and provide necessary references omitted from a 2021 paper in the same journal.

This peer-reviewed submission is that latest of more than a dozen journal articles Dr. Maize has published. His career-spanning research program uses analytical pertubative methods to calculate the fundamental characteristics of diverse quantum mechanical systems. In addition to providing new insight into important systems, Dr. Maize’s work encourages incorporating these types of problems in undergraduate physics education.

Many of Dr. Maize’s co-authors on papers in this program have been Saint Vincent College physics students, some of whom have gone on to faculty positions across the country. They include Dr. Scott Paulson, associate dean at James Madison University; Dr. Michael Williams, associate professor of physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Fr. Michael Antonacci, Ph.D., O.S.B., assistant professor of physics at Saint Vincent College.