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Commuter Students

Commuter students are a huge part of our Saint Vincent community, and we want to make you feel at home while on campus. With a dedicated lounge space, study areas and student clubs, our commuter students are connected to campus life just the same as resident students.

SGA Representatives

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Commuter students have two dedicated representatives from the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA representatives are here to help with questions or concerns related to campus life.

Commuter Lounge  


Commuter Lounge

  • The Citrone Family Commuter Center

    The Citrone Family Commuter Center is the dedicated commuter lounge located on the first flood of Placid Hall across from the Community Center. It is designed and aimed at providing a place for you to go when you have down time on campus. Filled with couches, tables and chairs, and a pool table and other games, you will find the space relaxing, enjoyable and accommodating to all your needs as a commuter at Saint Vincent. The kitchenet in equipped with a microwave and refrigerator for you to bring your own meals if you do not have a meal plan. A Keurig is also available for all your coffee, hot cocoa and tea needs. The lounge has a television and wireless internet service and a charging station so you may work from your personal devices on your homework and other assignments.
  • Commuter Events

    Join us for some of our events on campus. All commuter students are invited and encouraged to attend all campus events.

  • Parking Information

    All commuters are required to have a valid parking pass for the school year. The commuter lot is LOT A located at the Fred Rogers Center. There is a fee of $100.00 to park on campus. Registration for the parking pass can be done at Public Safety Public Safety (

  • Commuter Lockers

    Lockers are provided free of charge between the Post Office and the Community Center to allow you some storage space on campus. They are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and can be acquired by registering the locker. 

    You can register the locker through the Office of Student Affairs located on the first floor of Alfred Hall OR contact Bridget DiVittis, Coordinator for Commuter Outreach at

  • Information on Food Insecurity

    Located in the Citrone Family Commuter Center, snacks and small meals are provided for students. This is an effort to help with food insecurity among commuter students and aids those who are on campus much longer than expected.

    Saint Vincent College also has a food pantry which students may visit. For more information about the Saint Vincent Food Pantry and assistance in food insecurity, contact Jody Marsh at

  • Commuter Student Code of Conduct

    As students of Saint Vincent College, your actions should uphold the mission and values of this institution. Students should refrain from inappropriate or irresponsible behavior on and off campus which damage the reputation of the College. Below are a few highlighted rules found in the SVC Student Handbook that should be noted for the Citrone Family Commuter Center.

    • Offensive behavior and/or harassment is prohibited in the CFCC This includes behavior that is viewed as intimidating, hostile or offensive in language, gestures, remarks or jokes that degrade another person based on sex, race, religion or gender.
    • Use of CFCC and its property are always to be well cared for and treated as SVC property. this includes all furniture, pool table, pool sticks, dishes etc, and is not limited to standing or sitting on the pool table or breaking of pool sticks or other items in the CFCC. Items that are broken will be the responsibility of the students to replace.
    • SMOKING (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in the CFCC or any campus building. Please use one of the 8 designated areas on campus to smoke.
    • With these posted rules, anyone found not in compliance will be reported to Student Conduct/Student Affairs and will be held responsible for their actions and the consequences put forth by Saint Vincent College.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • I have car trouble or lock my keys in the car, can the college help me?
      • Yes, for assistance with these issues, please contact Public Safety at 724-805-2186.
    • If I have evening class and would like to be escorted to my car, who do I ask?
      • Public Safety can escort you to your car. The Escort Service is provided free to all students, faculty and staff of Saint Vincent College. A Saint Vincent ID card is required when receiving a mobile escort.
    • Who should I take to if I have questions regarding my classes or academic majors?
      • If you are currently taking a course and you have a question, you should start with the professor. If you have questions related to your major, you should make an appointment to speak with your academic advisor. If you are unsure of who your advisor it, please visit or contact the registrar’s office located on the first floor of Alfred Hall or via email at
    • How can I find out more information about clubs and activities on campus?
    • Can I get a meal plan as a commuter student?
      • Yes, Saint Vincent College offers a commuter dining plan. See the Commuter Dining Options tab for more information.
    • Where can I go if I am not feeling well?
      • Saint Vincent College has a Wellness Center offering health services to the Saint Vincent community. It is an outpatient health care facility. For individuals with acute or chronic illnesses. Physician visits are scheduled Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons during the Fall and Spring semesters in the Wellness Center located on the ground floor in the Carey Center near the Shack.
    • Are there Counseling Services offered at Saint Vincent College?
      • Counseling Services provide a supportive atmosphere for students to explore a wide range of issues with a caring professional staff. Counseling offers an opportunity for self-exploration, personal growth and assistance.
      • Mental Health counseling Services are available through the Wellness Center free of charge Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Wellness Center at 724-805-2115 ex. 2115.

Contact Us

Bridget DiVittis
Coordinator of Commuter Outreach

Alejandro (Alec) Barlock
Graduate Assistant for Commuter Outreach

Office of Student Affairs
First Floor Alfred

Office of Multicultural Student Life
Ground Floor Carey Center