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Professional Licensure Disclosure

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Saint Vincent College is required by the Department of Education to communicate publicly and directly to prospective and current students about: 1) academic programs that will or will not fulfill educational requirements for a specific professional licensure that is required for employment in that field; and 2) academic programs that meet or do not meet the education requirements for licensure in each state and U.S. territory regardless of the delivery mode of the program.

Curriculum for academic programs at Saint Vincent leading to licensure are designed to meet the licensure and certification requirements for Pennsylvania and to prepare students to apply for licensure examinations and certification to support employment in Pennsylvania. States other than Pennsylvania may have different education requirements for professional licensure or certification. Some program requirements are not reciprocal between states. Students who plan on moving to another state upon graduation and seek license for professions that require it should inquire as to the planned location’s requirements to ensure their academic program will fulfill those requirements.

Below is a list of program requirements and states that accept Saint Vincent programs: (Be aware that requirements can change over time and from state to state).

Education- Bachelors in Education | Latrobe, PA | Saint Vincent College (

Finance- Bachelors in Finance | Latrobe, PA | Saint Vincent College (

Accounting- Bachelors in Accounting | Latrobe, PA | Saint Vincent College (

Nursing- Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Latrobe, PA | Saint Vincent College (

Aviation- Bachelors in Aviation Management – Professional Pilot | Latrobe, PA | Saint Vincent College (