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SVC Junior Taking Part in GRAMMY U Program

by Public Relations | April 16, 2021

By Zakiya Moses, junior communication major from Washington, D.C.

LATROBE, PA – John P. Crocetti, a junior double major in corporate finance and music performance from Connellsville, has recently been accepted into the Recording Academy’s GRAMMY U program as a New York Chapter Representative.

GRAMMY U is a competitive program with the initiative to prepare college students for their future careers in the music industry. With an enhanced student curriculum integrated into the program, GRAMMY U students are introduced to a new perspective in the music and recording industry by working with professionals.

John Crocetti headshotCrocetti is currently part of the mentorship program with Travis McFetridge, the president of the Great South Bay Music Group. McFetridge has worked with a wide array of hip-hop, rap and R&B artists including Drake, DaBaby and Kendrick Lamar. As his mentee, Crocetti meets with McFetridge a few times a month, discusses the music business and collaborates on projects together.

“I get to ask him about his day-to-day job and learn about what it takes to be in the music industry,” Crocetti shared. The mentorship started when he was first admitted into the program and will end by the time he graduates in May 2022. Until then, he will be paired with a new mentor each semester.

“I unintentionally found this program,” Crocetti said. “I was just looking up the Grammy nominations over winter break and I came across an informational page about Grammy U. It mentioned that it was for current music students in college, so I looked into it a bit more and I thought to myself ‘I think this will be really interesting.’” As he learned more about the opportunities and benefits of the program, Crocetti decided to apply. Because GRAMMY U is a competitive program to get into, he had initial doubts about his acceptance; “Thousands of students apply, but only a select amount gets to be paired with industry professionals.”

With a passion for business and music, Crocetti was naturally drawn to this opportunity. “I’ve been in musical theater my entire life,” he shared. Crocetti has been cast in major roles in SVC’s musicals such as Objection! Disorder in the Court!, Into the Woods and The Addams Family. Crocetti will currently be featured in a solo, duet and company numbers in the SVC Players’ new production of A Tribute to Cole Porter. Crocetti integrates his musical experiences with business in multiple ways. “I am the work-study student for the department of music and I’m the director of music ministry for the student chapel. That’s a big opportunity to share music in a different space.”

With the experience Crocetti has acquired, he is prepared for the opportunities Grammy U has to offer. “The program is an educational moment, but it’s fun too. They’re pairing you with a lot of information and it perfectly combines both of my majors into one,” he said. “Grammy U is devoted to making people successful in the music industry and they have given me ideas about possible careers after school.”

As a double major, he is currently taking 26 credits this semester. Even with a busy semester, Crocetti is eager to experience the opportunities ahead of him. “I still found ways to be able to manage my grades and also be able to enjoy the GRAMMY U program, music and other opportunities,” he mentions.

Crocetti states that Mr. Tom Octave and Ms. Susanna Lemberskaya have been two major influences throughout his years at SVC.

“They both have inspired me to pursue a career in music. Their support and genuine care have been heartwarming. To know that you always have those people with you is really special. They’re total experts and I’ve learned so much,” he said. “I’m glad Saint Vincent allowed me to study both music and business. There has always been a strong connection whenever I came here, and I thought ‘this is the place where I should be.’

"I am so blessed that I chose Saint Vincent because something was really magical, and I felt like I had to be here.” 


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