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SVC Helpful Tips From Some Fellow Students

by Kelsy Levendosky and Alyson Frank | September 22, 2022


Welcome to Saint Vincent College! We hope you have enjoyed your first few weeks here as much as we have. Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a new place can be intimidating and stressful, but we want to help you in any way that we can. From current students just like you, we want to offer some helpful tips you might not know about.



o There is a printer in each dorm building, as well as in the Dupré Science Pavilion, the Carey Student Center, the Library, Alfred Hall (second floor study room), and Placid Hall (outside of the dining hall).
o The printers work through a “cloud” system called WEPA and through your Microsoft OneDrive account.
o To use the printer, log in to, search “Saint Vincent College” under School, and then log in with your Saint Vincent email and password.  Click the message to complete the log in. From there, you are able to upload documents from your computer and link other cloud accounts you may have, such a Google Drive or Drop Box.
o At the printer, you can swipe your SVC ID to access your One Drive and WEPA document uploads.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete printing.
o To print documents from your phone, there is a WEPA App you can download. Log into the app using the same email and password for the Saint Vincent portal. You can then log into your account, such as OneDrive or Google Drive, to select the document. Once the document is selected, WEPA will give you the option of how many copies to make, orientation of the document, color, etc. When done, select “OK,” and the document will load for a few seconds. When you see a blue icon in the bottom right corner of your phone, click on it and then point your phone to the right side of the WEPA printer machine. (There is a “Wi-Fi bar” icon at the right spot).


Meal Plans

o Your meal plan gives you meal swipes. Meal swipes are renewed weekly (every Sunday) and can be used at the dining hall (in Placid Hall), the Shack (in the Carey Center), and Barista (in the Library).
o Flex dollars renew every semester and can be used at the Shack and Barista.
o You can change your meal plan if you find it becomes too much or too little.


Dining Hall

o Use your SVC ID to swipe at the entrance of the dining hall (located in Placid Hall).
o The FoodU app displays the daily options at the dining hall and hours of all dining options. Log into the app using your SVC email and password.


Shack & Barista

o To order ahead at the Shack and Barista, download the GET mobile app. Log in using your SVC email and password, and follow the instructions for set up.
o The GET mobile app also allows you to scan your meal swipes from a barcode on your phone (Just like your student ID).
o From there, you can pick from choices that each dining option includes.
o Meal swipes and Flex dollars may be used on the app for the Barista and Shack orders. Pick up orders at the designated time.
o At the Barista, you are also able to order in-person at the counter.



o To obtain your mailbox key, go to the mailroom window and ask for your key. The fee is $7.00, which will be returned to you when you graduate. You will keep the same mailroom key the entire time you’re at Saint Vincent.



o Parking passes can be ordered on the Portal. Visit, or login to the Portal and go to Campus Services > Public Safety > Vehicle Registration. Once ordered and paid for in full, the parking pass will be delivered to your SVC mailbox.


Locations of Important Offices on Campus

o Public Safety and IT are located on the ground floor of Alfred Hall (the building directly across from Saint Benedict Hall on the other side of the football field).
o The Career & Professional Development Center is located on the first floor of the Carey Center next to the Shack.
o Food Services is located past the dining hall entrance, down the hall to the right, assuming you are coming from the mailroom.
o Human Resources, Student Affairs, the Admissions Office, the Business Office, Financial Aid, and Registrar are all located on the first floor of Alfred Hall.
o The Office of the President & Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Alumni Services, and the Marketing & Communications office (not to be confused with the Marketing Department, which is located in Prep Hall) for the College are located on the second floor of Alfred Hall.


MySV Portal Navigation

o Announcements are posted every day on the main portal page. You can sign up to receive emails when these are posted. It can be anything from activities to campus events or trips.
o From the main Portal page, you can access class schedules, register & drop classes, manage class waitlists, check grades, order transcripts, and view your program evaluation all under the self-service menu on the bottom right side of the home page.
o You can also access your OneDrive and Schoology accounts from the home page of the Portal.



o If you are interested in an on- or off-campus work-study, you can view and apply for job listings at Log in and create an account with your SVC email and password. Work-studies are managed by the Career & Professional Development Center located in the Carey Center next to the Shack.



o Log in with your SVC email and password at
o Schoology is what SVC uses as their “Blackboard” or “Google Classroom.” Professors will use Schoology to communicate announcements, post assignments, and grade quizzes and tests. You can use Schoology to communicate with professors; check/submit assignments; and see grades, classes, groups, and documents.



o Through the SVC IT Department, Microsoft programs can be downloaded free of charge. Email to receive instructions for how to download the programs on to your computer (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.).



o SVC uses Microsoft Outlook for email. It is important to make sure you know how to log into your email as soon as possible. Professors will mostly use email to communicate important information with you (ex: a room change for class). It is also the main form of communication on campus. Your email will always be  


We hope this guide helps you be even more successful here at Saint Vincent!