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SVC's McKenna School restructured into three departments

by Public Relations | September 20, 2022


LATROBE, PA – The Alex G. McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government has been restructured into three distinct departments: Management and Administration; Finance and Accounting; and Marketing, Analytics, and Global Commerce. 

Each of these new departments will have a chair who represents their respective departments: the Management and Administration department will be chaired by Dr. Jeff Godwin; the Finance and Accounting department will be chaired by Dr. Nicholas Racculia; and. the Marketing, Analytics, and Global Commerce department will be chaired by Dr. Justin Petrovich.

Dr. Godwin, associate professor of business administration, received his bachelor's in business administration from The College of William and Mary. Dr. Godwin also received his Master of Business Administration from West Virginia University and his Master of Divinity at Wesley Theological Seminary. He also obtained his doctorate at Virginia Technical University. With 10 years of chair experience, Dr. Godwin will oversee the majors of business management, business administration, sports management, and the operational excellence minor.

Dr. Racculia, professor of business administration, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and mathematics from Saint Vincent College in 2000. In addition, he earned his Master of Arts and his doctorate from Princeton University. Dr. Racculia will oversee the majors and minors of finance and accounting. 

Also a Saint Vincent alum, Dr. Petrovich graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and finance. He then went on to receive his doctorate in statistics from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Petrovich will oversee the majors and minors of marketing, business data analytics, international business, business education/IT and undecided business majors.

The recently-appointed Dean of the McKenna School, Dr. Michael Urick, spearheaded this restructuring. “By splitting the current business department into three separate departments,” Dr. Urick said, “the business programs will be even better able to provide an exceptional learning experience for our students,”

Dr. Urick received his Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Vincent College and received both his Master of Business Administration and Master of Science degrees from Duquesne University. He also obtained his doctorate from the University of Cincinnati.

The goal of the restructuring is to appeal to prospective and current students by letting them know that there will be an equal number of students in each department, ultimately allowing for more personalization of their education. This also helps to group majors that have similarities in terms of curriculum.

“I personally am really excited about this reorganization,” noted Dr. Urick. “This moves us forward by allowing us to take a closer look at the programmatic areas that will be most likely to set our scholars up for success.”

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