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SVC student Carter Cavalier experiences Australia through study abroad program

SVC student Carter Cavalier experiences Australia through study abroad program

by Public Relations | January 12, 2023


Saint Vincent College offers educational experiences outside the walls of Alfred Hall or the Dupré Science Pavilion. In fact, they extend far beyond the borders of the United States into nearby countries and onto further continents. Carter Cavalier returned home from his study abroad experience in mid-December, just in time for the holidays, after exploring the culture of Australia.

Cavalier, a junior environmental science major, studied abroad in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, where he attended the University of New South Wales, a partner university of Saint Vincent College. While abroad, he traveled, volunteered for beach cleanups and took classes in Marine and aquatic ecology, coastal resource management and physics.


Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons of the year are in reverse to what we experience in the United States. The spring-turning-summer season in Australia provided ample opportunities to get outside. A true outdoorsman with a unique sense of adventure, Cavalier had the chance to emerge himself into the aboriginal culture while participating in activities you cannot find in Western PA, including visiting the Sydney Opera House, surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean and receiving a big hug from one of the native species on the island, a koala bear. 


“It was a great experience. I got to go on so many unique adventures with new friends and experienced some of the great parts of Australia,” said Cavalier. Some of his favorite adventures included his visits to Cairnes, Queensland, where he snorkeled through the Great Barrier Reef and hiked through the world’s second-oldest national park, the Royal National Park.

From the walls of the University of New South Wales to touching the ocean floor during scuba diving, Cavalier will dive back into his classwork this spring semester with chillier weather and no surrounding salt water. But his sense of adventure won’t rest with the conclusion of his experience in Australia. “I’m glad to be home and to see my family and friends again, but I’m already excited to plan my next study abroad trip.”