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SVC’s Boyer School rebrands Biology Department

SVC’s Boyer School rebrands Biology Department

by Public Relations | January 11, 2023


LATROBE, PA – The Herbert W. Boyer School of Natural Science, Mathematics and Computing has announced the rebranding of the Biology Department. The Department will now be known as the Biological Sciences Department. 

The switch to the Biological Sciences Department now places the students majoring in Environmental Science, Health Science, Biology Education and Biology under one administrative umbrella. Students focusing in these studies often have multiple areas of interest and by restructuring, students will be able to better navigate through the curriculum of all four majors.

Dr. Jennifer Koehl, Associate Professor of Biology in the Boyer School, will chair the newly minted Biological Science Department. “Recently, the Biology Department added two majors: Health Science and Environmental Science. These are established majors, but the department they were in was dissolved,” explained Dr. Koehl. “With the addition of these majors, the ‘Biology’ term no longer correctly defines the department. ‘Biological Sciences Department’ is more inclusive and better represents all the majors within the department.”

Dr. Koehl earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Lycoming College, a master’s degree from Clarion University and her doctorate in Biological Sciences from Illinois State University.

To celebrate the rebranding of the department, students will enjoy a week of festivities their first week back on campus after winter break. The faculty will be sharing their own experiences in the biological sciences and highlighting the different paths students could take after graduation.  Students will also have the opportunity to share what they like most about the biological sciences.