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McCarl Coverlet Gallery Launches Digital Exhibit

McCarl Coverlet Gallery Launches Digital Exhibit

by Public Relations | April 03, 2020

LATROBE, PA – “Technological Textiles: Computing History and Decorative Textiles,” the current exhibit at the Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery at Saint Vincent College, has been digitized and is now available for viewing online.  

The easily navigable website explores generative art, which is art created with coding as a central characteristic. The Coverlets emerged as early examples of generative art using an autonomous system, the use of an external system to which the artist gives partial or total control. 

The display includes sections on the history of generative art, Joseph Marie Jacquard’s 1801 invention of the Jacquard loom, patterns and designs, Ada Lovelace and the birth of computer programming, Charles Babbage’s calculating machines, IBM’s textile graphic system and computer generated textile art today, which includes a series of interactive activities for visitors. 

The digital exhibit will be available for viewing indefinitely at                                                   
For more information, contact Lauren Churilla, curator of the McCarl Coverlet Gallery, at


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